My interest centers itself around symbolic anchors with an open interpretation and a narrative that involves actions and characters through fantasy and fiction, yet these are decontextualized and disjointed. They are grotesque, surreal, comedic, sorrowful and the spectrum of their evocation is versatile. It is a spontaneous process that catalyzes a graphic concept that is recognizable but without a fixed guideline.

The strength of volume and the generated form coming from the use of silicates and color blocks supported by black & white contrast allows the description of thi graphic concept in a concrete way  developing a series of synthetic characters, symbols and archetypes.

This process allows me to explore different areas of my unconsciousness in order to synthesize and transform them. I portray my psyche by generating a dialogue without an evident intention, where someone can look and find themselves. Each individual that connects with this work touches a specific point within these two planes of consciousness: the conscious and the unconscious. That is how my curiosity to recognize the interpretation of these pieces comes from other visions. The lectures nourish my creative process to keep experimenting.

I call them mirrors for its quality to reflect the psyche of the beholder, their history, their essence.

Archetypes as artwork.